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Why not operate a server in Berlin/Germany? Have a go!

The Servermeile GmbH, Berlin produces high quality server systems to suit individual customer specifications. We offer germany-wide specific support solutions to any application. We advise and support you in the planning of complex and highly available server structures and their operation in our data center in Germany.

If you want to operate your servers in Germany, we'll be the right partner for you. Thanks to our premium servers and a fast internet you could easily run your server infrastructures with the help of our data center in Berlin. With Windows Remote Desktop services you can apply your servers as if you were sitting in front of your computer. Our data center in Berlin has a capable 155 Gbit backbone with direct connection to Eastern and Western Europe. In our data center IP carriers are ready to put you directly through to London, Paris or St.Petersburg.

If your server hardware should fail, this will be no major problem with us. As a server producer Die Servermeile GmbH guarantees an immediate exchange of hardware to its clients within a period of up to 5 years. You can book additional service packages for this purpose.

Needless to say we treat all our customer contacts discreetly. A security service monitors our data center 24 hours 7 days a week. Only members of our staff have access to our servers.

Have a test run! Configurate a server with us on our website! Get into contact with us! We'll support you operating a server in our data center until you can do so yourself.

Of course you can also get our servers in the English version of Windows server 2008/12 or in any other language such as Russian.
You can get through to us by e-mail ( ) or phone.


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